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Skiing Experience in the Chilean Andes

Check out some comments from our guests of the fabulous ski programs that allows for extreme flexibility and a great price. Groups can experience unique ski resorts, located in Chile’s Central Andes, which are easily accessible from Santiago, known for their incredible snow conditions, diverse landscape and vast terrain. Amazing skiing while still being able to enjoy the unique culture of this incredible country.

“I was very impressed with the arrangements made by Chile Montana and all of your assistance. I would travel with you again, definitely, and would highly recommend you to others.”
-Ken K

“For the first visit to Chile for me, I got the basics that make me want to return for more, except Portillo. I was glad I skied there once but I won’t have to go back. I enjoyed Farellones and the surrounding resorts a whole lot more. And for all the help you provided, from answering our initial query to the proposal and modifications, we will gladly provide references for you, Pancho and ChileMonata. We never felt any of the attention to detail was missing”.
-Earl J

“We all think the Chile trip was fabulous, more than fulfilling our expectations thanks to the super efforts of you and Pancho. Your hospitality, arrangements, good humour and attention to detail made everything just great. Our heart felt thanks. I’d love to do it over again – and again.”
-Louise N

“Thanks ever so much for the great Chile experience. Memories to be cherished.”
-Richard K

“…Added bonuses of our trip included great views of the unfamiliar southern stars, the excellent Chilean wines, and it was fun to experience Chilean culture and lifestyle and to exercise our dubious Spanish. Best of all, we enjoyed excellent company and the superb organization, leadership and companionship provided by Pancho and Kathryn. Would I go again? In an instant – I’m already working on improving my Spanish.”
-Tom S

Rock Climbing in The Andes

Join us in our climbing day trips this October 2013, we will be sharing with our guests the best spots for sport climbing around Santiago, such as Cuesta Chacabuco, Jabah wall, Los Manyos and more. Check out some pictures of our last climbs!

Sign up for a Heli-Ski adventure!

Unique Heli-Ski packages for small groups of 4 to 8 people, from the operational base, Puma Lodge, an exclusive, luxury lodge located in Chile´s VI region, near the city of Rancagua. Puma Lodge is just 2,5 hours by road or 40 minutes helicopter ride from your hotel in Santiago or from the international airport.

Note: Download the Heli-Ski brochure here.

Atacama South Lipez Edelweiss CAI Milano

The 2012 summer was incredible rainy and snowy in the Chilean / Bolivian high plateau. We started in San Pedro de Atacama and did our best to cross the altiplano and reach the mountains and salt flats as planned but were forced to descend to the desert several times. It was an great opportunity to see this landscape in a quite different way: water and green everywhere, as well as lot of snow in the summits. Check out a few pictures of this memorable expedition!

Expedition members: Mara Chiarentin, Sergio Zaninoni, Guido Mazzoleni, Cesare Armetti, Pietro Manna.

Staff: Marcela Benegas, Beatriz del Angel, Vivianne Cuq.

Atacama exploration May 2013


Day trips photo gallery

Short on time? We can share with you the not to miss areas around Santiago, check out the pictures of our day trips and choose your next adventure…

June upcoming day trips schedule

June 2013 Upcoming day trips schedule
Saturday 1 Darwin’s Roblecitos Hike Saturday, June 1, 2013
Sunday 2 Vn. San José Base Camp Hike Sunday, June 2, 2013
Saturday 8 Darwin’s Roblecitos Hike Saturday, June 8, 2013
Sunday 9 Rock Climbing in the Andes Sunday, June 9, 2013
Saturday 15 Darwin’s Roblecitos Hike Saturday, June 15, 2013
Sunday 16 Rock Climbing in the Andes Sunday, June 16, 2013
Saturday 22 Darwin’s Roblecitos Hike Saturday, June 22, 2013
Sunday 23 Rock Climbing in the Andes Sunday, June 23, 2013
Saturday 29 Darwin’s Roblecitos Hike Saturday, June29, 2013
Sunday 30 Skiing the Andes Sunday, June 30, 2013

Join one of our rock climbing days in June

Our upcoming rock climbing dates in June 2013 are Sunday 9, Sunday 16 and Sunday 23. If these dates do not work with your schedule, please consider a “Private Tour”

Join us for a hike in the coastal range next Sunday 26 May

Easy day hike to Cerro La Campana, a 1,900m peak surrounded by a national park of the same name.

Join our hike to Vn. San José Base Camp next 25 May

Leaving at 8am from your hotel, you will enjoy a full day in the Andes range, check out some pictures of the hike.