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Heli Ski in The Andes, July 2014

Once again the Andes surprise us with amazing views, incredible skiing giving us the gift of open up whole new areas and ski varied new runs

Check out some images and enjoy…

Thompson Rivers University Field Trip 2014

One more year of Tourism Development and Community Development with Thompson Rivers University (TRU), working again in Panguipulli county in the Rivers District in Chile. This time our host were Huilo Huilo Reserve and Panguipulli Water Sports Club. Compliments to the TRU students that accepted the challenge this year and gave their time, knowledge and energy to make this International Cooperation a success once again: Ankur Sud, Mitch Beaulieu, Blake Moynes, Brooke Petersmeyer, Meghan Porath, Barbara Ann Ramos and Samantha Cooper.

Check out some photos of this amazing experience with TRU in Chile in May 2014.

Day trips photo gallery

Short on time? We can share with you the not to miss areas around Santiago, check out the pictures of our day trips and choose your next adventure…

Best Photos 2012

We are happy to share with you some of our 2012 shots. Check out this 2012 photo gallery and find out what we have been doing in Atacama, Patagonia, Perú, Canada and the Alps!

Best photos of 2011

We are almost at the end of the high season of 2011/2012, which has been equally if not more exciting than ever before. The highlight of summer has been our beloved Andean Altiplano with its wonderful and challenging peaks rising up to 6000 meters and above.. Do not miss our best photos 2011!!