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Solar Eclipse, Atacama 2019

10 or 4 Day Discovery Journey of the Atacama Desert and it’s Celestial Wonders
Exceptional vantage point to view the Solar Eclipse  on July 2, 2019
The Atacama desert is considered the best Space Observatory in the world, join us to learn why.

Ojos del Salado 6.893m / 22.614ft

Fixed Departures Dates

Season 2018 / 2019


Sunday November 4, 2018 Friday November 16, 2018 Open
Sunday November 28, 2018 Friday December 10, 2018 Open
Sunday December 9, 2018 Friday December 21, 2018 Open
SSunday December 23, 2018 Friday January 4, 2019 Open
Sunday January 6, 2019 Friday January 18, 2019 Open
Thursday March 14, 2019 Tuesday March 26, 2019 Open



For more details, please contact or visit us at Ojos Fixed dates

Proper gear and clothing for your Ojos del Salado Expedition

Along the years climbing big mountains we have learn how challenging is to reach those summits and how several factors may be critical to ensure the success and enjoy the experience: logistics, health, weather, preparation and of course your personal gear and clothing.

In ChileMontaña, we think that at least 30% of the failures comes from lacking the right clothing for the high camp and for the summit day.

You are welcome to check the gear & equipment list for Ojos del Salado (link).

Just to mention some of the most critical:

.- The sleeping bag (-20C minimum)
.- The mountaineering boots (Spantik from Lasportiva or Phantom from Scarpa, or similar)
.- The mittens (Inferno himalayan mitts from North face, or similar)

The duffle bag

After checking the the gear & equipment list, many guests ask why they need a duffel bag instead of a regular big backpack. There are some reasons for that:

  • The Duffel bag will allow you to acces to any item inside of it much easily than any backpack.
  • Your belongings will be better protected from the dust, rain or snow.
  • You will be able to have all your belongings in just one big bag

What about backpacks?

You will need a small 30 to 40 liters daypack, to be used for the day hikes and climbs, but for the Ojos del Salado climb, when you need to spend one night at the high camp, your belongings wont fit in the daypack, this is why you will need a second one:  60 to 80 liters mountaineering backpack.

For the summit day

The final part of the ascent is an easy climb of a rocky step where the guide will use a rope for safety, for that part please make sure to bring the following:

  • A very light harness
  • A helmet

Gear available for rental (link)

Some items are available for rental at ChileMontaña, such as crampons, ice axe, backpack, thermarest, helmet, duffel bag, and more. Please let us know if you lack of any item for your expedition. We will do our best to provide it.

The World Tallest Volcano Experience

We did have an amazing season…

Now lets get ready for the next!

Look at this video…


Thanks to all our guest and staff for another great season. We did face bad weather, distance and altitude but we did it with commitment, hard work and positive attitude; smiling in the 6.893m / 22.614ft tall summit and relaxing after at the beach. Now lets get ready for the


Upcoming 2017-18 season


Ojos del Salado Season 2017-2018

2016/2017 Ojos del Salado climbing season has just come to an end…

and we are really proud to say we had 76 percent success!


It is no small feat to climb to this summit at 6.893 meters or 22.614 feet.


However, thirty of our forty guests made it to the summit and we want to extend our sincerest compliments and thanks to all those who chose to climb with us this past season.



We are now accepting registrations for Ojos del Salado expeditions for the upcoming 2017/2018 season and we hope to hearing from you soon.


Due to early registrations, some of our departure dates have already been guaranteed to run, so you are welcome to register at this time.



Check out some pictures of this season!


El Plomo 5.430m / 17.814ft.

Fixed Departures Dates

Season 2016 / 2017


Sunday December 4, 2016 Thursday December 8, 2016 Open
Sunday December 11, 2016 Thursday December 15, 2016 Open
Sunday December 18, 2016 Thursday December 22, 2016 Open
Saturday December 24, 2016 Wednesday December 28, 2016 Open
Wednesday December 28, 2016 Sunday January 1, 2017 Open
Sunday January 8, 2017 Thursday January 12, 2017 Open
Sunday January 22, 2017 Thursday January 26, 2017 Open
Sunday February 12, 2017 Thursday February 16, 2017 Open
Sunday February 19, 2017 Thursday February 23, 2017 Open
Sunday February 26, 2017 Thursday March 2, 2017 Open
Sunday March 5, 2017 Thursday March 9, 2017 Open
Sunday March 12, 2017 Thursday March 16, 2017 Open


For more details, please contact or visit us at Plomo Fixed Dates

Vn San José 5.821m / 19.907ft

Fixed Departures Dates

Season 2016 / 2017


  Mountaineering in Chile’s Central Andes



Sunday December 25, 2016 Friday January 2, 2017 Open
Sunday January 28, 2017 Friday February 5, 2017 Open
Sunday February 25, 2017 Friday March 5, 2017 Open