Christian was one of the cameramen for the 2001 Mt. Everest expedition which was the first successful female Latin American ascent of Mt. Everest. He has also successfully ascended Mt. Everest and lately he climbed Cho-Oyu with clients.

Christian is a CATA Sernatur High Mountain certified guide and a UIAGM aspirant guide. He is one of the most accomplished mountain guides in Chile, with more than 15 years of experience in guiding expeditions to the highest peaks in South America. Christian has successfully led commercial expeditions to the summits of all 13 South American peaks that are 6500 meters or more above sea level.

Some of the peaks to which Christian regularly guides expeditions include:

Aconcagua (6,959m), Ojos del Salado (6,893m), Sajama (6,520m), Parinacota (6,340m), Illimani (6,438), Huascaran Sur (6,746) and Norte (6,655), Artesanraju (6,180m), Piramide Garcilaso (5,885m), Marmolejo (6,100m), Guallatire (6,020m).

Languages: Spanish, German and Italian

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