Rock Climbing Intro

  • Season Year-round
  • Duration 3 days. Santiago – Santiago
  • Participants
  • Rates
    • Currently this trip is available only for private groups. Please Contact us to receive your customised program with rates.


3-day introduction to rock climbing. During this course, we will visit different climbing sites around Santiago and teach you the basics of rock climbing: body movements and progressions; the techniques of rappelling, belaying and fixing anchors; risks and safety measures and much more.


No prior experience is necessary to participate. The course may involve physical and technical challenges depending on your ability and desires.

Included in the price

Private transportation, professional bilingual instructor(s), meals, accommodation in tents, high quality communal camping and climbing gear.

ChileMontaña reserves the right to modify the prices published on this web site when the EURO or the DOLLAR suffers important changes in values.

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