Atacama trip QC-2 April 2017

Juan-Carlos and Willi really made this trip great for us. They were extremely knowledgeable and constantly thinking about what we would find most interesting/entertaining. The food while camping was exceptional considering the restraints, for us the camping portion of the trip was probably our favourite part as this was really different from other trips we have done. JC and Willi were always enthusiastic and happy to answer our questions and flexible with the itinerary to allow us to see everything we wanted to see. The logistics all worked well, the trip seemed well thought out and we were very comfortable at all times. All in all it was a wonderful experience and we would definitely consider doing something similar again. Chile is a beautiful country and this trip definitely allowed us to see some of the best of it.

Laura Kennedy

Member of the Atacama trip Fixed departure date 21st of April 2017

Guide: Willi Luhman
Base camp manager: Juan Carlos Briceño