Ojos del Salado EXPLORUJ, Polonia
February 2016

“Dear Vivianne,

First of all, thank you very much for organizing this expedition for us!
Everything worked more than perfect.
• The logistic: everything always on time with no problems.
• The food: Juan Carlos is really one of the best cooks I have ever worked with, always joking, and a GREAT driver
• Our guides: Mario, always smiling, he took care of the two weakest clients on San Francisco and on Ojos del Salado, when the lady got weak he took her down on the short line, great effort and great job… about Eduardo I could write only in superlatives; great person, excellent and professional guide that do the job with patience and smile but also resolute and unhesitating. All clients had a great respect for his job and faith in his decisions and, furthermore, he is a great person.
• Tents, mattresses and other camping equipment, also perfect.
• Aline: she did a very good job while picking us up, showing the city on both ways. Great girl!!
• Lost baggage: I really appreciate all the effort you have put into helping us with finding the baggage. Aline helped us with renting the missed gear, she was also calling us almost every day to bring us up to date with the paperwork at the airport.

We were very lucky to have the perfect weather – so 5 of the clients summited, 2 got up to te Ojos crater. That is a great value for us and this was possible thanks to our team – Eduardo, Mario and Juan Carlos.
Thank you Vivianne for organizing the expedition for us. I hope we didn’t make too much troubles for you! I hope next year we will also have small groups for Ojos and maybe for other mountains. I do have some new ideas so I will get back to you when I will figure out what I want to offer to our clients.

Best regards,

Marta Horiaczek, Expedition organizer and leader.

Expedition members: Marta Horiaczek; Marta Wieczorek, Dariusz Pauliński, Danuta Kuban, Jan Wojciech Kuban, Anetta Koziol, Arkadiusz Koziol, Piotr Tarkowski
ChileMontaña staff: Edu Unzueta (Mountain guide), Mario Perez (Mountain guide assistant), Juan Carlos Briceño (Base Camp Manager and Logistics)