In the morning, a two-hour drive into the Andes brings us to Lo Valdes, a traditional secondary residence area for mountain-lovers, which is also the last inhabited area in the Cajón del Maipo Valley. We arrive to Cabrerio, from where we start hiking. It’s about 5 hours walking to the small Plantá hut which will serve as our San José base camp. Today, we use horses to transport the heavy load. We set up camp, hydrate, rest and have dinner.
Camp Lunch, Dinner
We are at the foot of two majestic volcanoes: San José and its twin Marmolejo, a 6,110m high peak, well known for being the southernmost six thousand meter peak in the world. At the same time, we are facing several 5,000 meter peak ranges with theirs walls and glaciers. We use this day as an acclimatization day, which means that we go on a four-hour trek in the surrounding areas. Back at the camp, we enjoy a cup of tea, get some rest and have dinner.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
3 PLANTÁ – CAMP I (4,600m) – PLANTÁ
We carry food, tents and fuel to next camp, then go back to the Base Camp.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
4 PLANTÁ – CAMP I (4,600m)
It is a 6-hour walk to our next camp. Each participant carries his personal equipment in his backpack, while the common gear was carried the precedent day.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
5 CAMP I – CAMP II (5,100m)
We keep moving up to Camp II, our last camp at 5,100m. This takes about 5 to 6 hours again, first on steeper terrain and then on a long, gentle ascent. Again, upon arrival we set up camp and melt snow to make water. Rest and prepare for the summit day.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
6 CAMP II – SUMMIT (5,821m) – CAMP II
The summit day is a round trip of about 6 to 7 hours. We leave our camp at about 7-8am, depending on the conditions and the wind. The last 100 meters consist of lava debris, a bit hard to climb up but very easy to slide down. We enjoy the summit, surrounded by the giants of the area such as Marmolejo, Cº Castillo, Punta Zuni, Cº Arenas, Cº Loma Larga, etc. After a while we go back down to Camp II.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Back to Plantá where we find all the comfort of our base camp, including a delicious meal prepared by our cook.
Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
8 RESERVE DAY Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
We walk back to the cars and then drive down passing Lo Valdés. We have lunch on the way and keep driving down to Santiago. Transfer to the hotel.
Hotel not included Breakfast, Lunch

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